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[S][W][R]Happy Easter

8th April 2007 by Dino

Some news from the Ultima community on Easter Sunday:

I am pleased to report that my free-time Ultima 1 project has progressed from tile viewer to map viewer. Today I implemented basic scaling of tiles and also made the map viewer. There are four new screenshots at the discussion area of Dino's Ultima Page. Of course there are a few little bugs, like towns are appearing as signs and dungeons are appearing as towns, but that won't be too hard to fix.

I have very little spare time and therefore work on this Ultima 1 project is almost at a halt (until I have more time). This doesn't concern me much because I never claimed I'd have achieved anything with it. Maybe one day it will evolve into an Ultima 1 engine like Exult is for Ultima 7; maybe it will be moddable and even playable online... or maybe not. I simply don't promise anything with this little project, and for me any progress is more than I originally expected.

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