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[W][R]Pentagram news

8th May 2005 by Dino

The Pentagram team has broken its tradition of posting news on days ending in the same number as the year (5 in the present case) and brought us some news today. If you've been following the news on Dino's Ultima Page, you'll already know that the intro and name prompt have been implemented. What's new is that items are now placed randomly in containers (not in the top-left corner), and quite a few bugs have been fixed.

News from Ultima Classics Revisited through Aiera: version 0.1.2 beta has been released. This completes the 'outworld' and towns, and leaves only dungeons, space and the final confrontation with Mondain to be done.

The latest member on the dragon roster has quite an interesting name - Lord England. Quite a clever parody of Lord British, I think!

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