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[W][R]UDIC Breathes Again

8th May 2011 by Dino

The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter, founded in 1992, is still the heart of the Ultima community on the internet. Many things have changed, almost 20 years down the line. Many of the original Dragons from the 90s basically grew up and moved on, and the UDIC website and many others have become inactive or disappeared completely. At the same time a new generation of Dragons appeared during the new millennium, bringing a new age of remakes and Ultima-inspired projects, as well as websites such as Dino's Ultima Page and Aiera, which today are the main hubs of Ultima news and information.

Last week, there was a big surge in activity from UDIC members, old and recent, in the UDIC Facebook page. This Facebook page, originally created by Dagur Dragon a few years ago, has been upgraded to Facebook's new group layout. In what many are seeing as a load of spam, new posts are now being emailed to members, and in light of this, many dragons have heard the call and manifested themselves on the page.

Now the exciting thing about this is that there are many of the original dragons from the 90s, who previously were known mainly by fame and weren't quite reachable, who are active in this Facebook group. These include the likes of Telavar, Contrapuntal, Goldenflame, and many others. Many of them remember the old days when UDIC members were on Prodigy, Weyrmount, or RGCUD. To me these are little more than legends and one of them should explain to me what they are ;) and also it would be nice to compile a history of the UDIC.

In other news, Beautiful Britannia is showing off progress with flowers and grass in their latest awesome screenshots [1 | 2].

Aiera has posted a gallery of Ultima Reborn - a different interpretation of Ultima 4 for the Nintendo DS. La Legende d' Ultima also has coverage about this, in French.

The Titans of Ether have posted a progress update for March and early April. Also, a web hosting move is planned.

More news from Aiera:

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