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[S][W][R]Peek at Ultima 6 and 7 Guides

8th September 2008 by Dino

For the past three years, the links to the Ultima 6 and 7 information pages (on Dino's Ultima Page) were unavailable. This was because I was working on a guide for each game, and the idea was to eventually release these guides instead of the basic information pages. However, due to time constraints, I never continued work on these two guides. Last month I added links in the navigation menu to the left to what little I finished of these two guides. There isn't much information, but at least it's better than nothing at all, and you can see some of the nice features I had implemented into these guides.

Corv at Titans of Ether posted an update to assure us that work on the project is still ongoing.

More news courtesy of Aiera:

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