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[W][R]Catching up...

9th January 2011 by Dino

Tribun Dragon from The Codex of Ultima Wisdom wrote about their latest progress in accumulating Ultima information:

After our move to Aiera, we have returned at the Codex of Ultima Wisdom at trying to close the gaps in our database. We can proudly announce much success and therefore can give all of you the first official update in months.

First our progress in the single-player section.

On the Ultima Online front, we have made lots of progress in filling the gaps:

In more general news:

A new client for Ultima 6 Online is available. Check out their website for details about what's new.

It appears that The Feudal Lands could use some new team members, including scriptwriters, graphic artists, and usecode programmers. Due to issues with the mail server, anyone interested should contact Wizardry Dragon at his personal email address.

The Titans of Ether have posted a progress report for November 2010. I suppose they'll have one for December soon.

There has been quite a bit of activity at Forgotten World. Here's a summary of what's new:

More Ultima-related news from Aiera:

News from Aiera concerning Richard Garriott:

More news from Aiera that is not Ultima-related:

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