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News articles

[W][R]Ultima V for Ti Calculators beta test to begin March 16th, 2008

9th March 2008 by Petrell

According to Ranman, with the last major milestone in the Ultima V for Ti Calculators development now reached, beta testing of the game will commence March 16th, 2008.

He also posted an update on progress and what remains to be done :


And with that, the last major milestone has been reached!

Still on the to do list :

Game engine - 61.8Kb
Progress - 98.5%

Ranman has also posted gif animations of character creation and introduction & acknowledgements.

At Titans of Ether forums, Sage has updated his developer's diary and Corv has posted new screenshots of Paws and New Magincia in Insider, a members only section of the forums.

Lost Sosaria downloads have been updated and site itself has recived new layout.

In his blog, Blogging Ultima, Ophidian Dragon has completed his year long playthru of the entire Ultima game series.

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