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[S][W][R]U6P to be released in April

9th March 2009 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project has issued a press release in which it announces that Milestone 6 will soon be ready, is due to be released in April. The full press release can be read in an article at RPGWatch with several screenshots, or at a shorter article at Strategy Informer.

Direhaggis at the Titans of Ether posted an update for February, discussing what was achieved during February and also showing some job postings (as always).

I've been working a little bit on the Ultima 5 section of Dino's Ultima Page. The U5 section has been upgraded to the new design of Dino's Ultima Page - several info pages still use the old design, since I haven't had time to work on all of the site. Also, I've added a few new links, and removed several old ones since a number of good info sites (such as Trigon Dragon's Ultima Dox, Blackshadow Dragon's Ultima Warehouse, and the Ultima 1-6 part of Iolo's Lute among others) have died since the last update to the U5 info section. The most notable change is the addition of a lot of (still unstructured) info to the Fun section. If you notice that I missed anything, feel free to let me know via email or the Google Group.

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