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[S][W]U9R Soundtrack, CRPG Book Hardcover and more

9th March 2018 by Dino

On the Ultima Dragons Facebook Chapter, Matti Paalanen shared links to the soundtrack [Spotify | YouTube] he composed for Ultima 9: Redemption in 2006-2008 under the Titans of Ether.

As a result, I've updated the WebDB2 entries for Ultima 9: Redemption and The Titans of Ether. I have also updated the U9 info page where it mentions Redemption.

Speaking of the Titans of Ether, I had missed the update where they rebranded a few months ago. They are the Titans no more, and are now called Lycantic instead.

As promised, I have updated links to Houston Dragon's Ultima Page to point to its new location.

Finally, the CRPG Book Project has entered into an agreement involving publication of a hardcover print version of the book, and has removed the download for the time being until the printed book is finished:

Felipe Pepe wrote: "[...] I now signed a deal for a limited print of the book – fully proofread and in hardcover! Of course, since this is a non-profit project, we’ll use it as a charity fundraiser! More info on this soon!

"However, as part of the hardcover book deal I agreed not to release any more files while the book is being produced & sold. So 1.0.4 will be the last version for a while and I’ll be removing the files in this blog – starting tomorrow! Grab them while you can!

"Once the contract ends, things return to normal and I’ll be able to freely share this new & improved version with all of you. I think that’s a fair trade. :)"

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