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[S][W][R]TLV box; several project updates

9th October 2005 by Dino

You really should check out the topic posted by Gromitron in my forum. Gromitron is likely to be the only person in the world (apart from the developers) to possess a box of The Lost Vale, and has posted a link to scans of the box as proof. It's amazing... over ten years after the expansion was made, finally something like this surfaces.

David Randall keeps adding new features to his Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators. Three new commands have been added lately, namely those to ignite torches, change the party order and view party stats.

A new client update for Ultima 6 Online has been released. This update is designed to reduce bandwidth usage, fix several bugs and add a couple of new features.

After working behind the scenes in the summer months and keeping their website pretty silent, the Pentagram team have posted a progress report on their website:

In the last couple of months the behind-the-scenes work has continued, with changes to savegames, game autodetection and key bindings. The more visible changes include antialiasing of the truetype fonts, detection of stealing and hopefully improved Avatar movement.

After all this, there's more news from Aiera:

...And now something from UltimaDot: Peter Berger compared and contrasted Ultima 4 and 7, and chose Ultima 4 as a playable classic.

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