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[W][R]uUltima video

10th April 2017 by Dino

Following the very recent announcement of uUltima (the Ultima 1 remake using Unity) on Facebook, Neocron Dragon has shared a short video on Facebook showing various game mechanics in action.

Neocron Dragon wrote: "Hot on the heels of the announcement post, I am pleased to present this small video which I just recorded about 15 minutes ago showing the current build of uUltima. As you'll see when you watch it, I have the finalized Character Creation screen up and working and have a good working prototype of the Event Log up. The town I am loading into is the town of Yew, which I walk around for a bit to showcase the collision system before heading outside to the Lands of Lord British. I have animated water tiles and the collision system works outside as well as inside."

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