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[S][W][R]Various project updates

10th August 2005 by Dino

I have continued adding the old information pages to Dino's Ultima Page, and the Ultima 4 info page is now available.

Finally something interesting from UltimaDot - an interview with Richard Garriott was spotted at The Space Review, and it is about his involvement with Space Adventures.

At Ultima 5 for Morrowind, the latest version of Littoral (1.3.1) has been released. It's much faster than the previous version, with the exception of object generation. This latest version also includes some fixes and one new option.

In its latest update, the Ultima 6 Project announces that it needs to recruit some people "with Siege Editor skillz".

Recently La Legende d' Ultima was updated to take account of the latest remake updates. Yesterday, however, a different update was posted - stating that an English version of La Legende d' Ultima is now available and the site also has a new forum. Not everything has been translated to English yet, and the forum doesn't seem to be working for me, but these couple of additions are great nonetheless!

Updates to the Titans of Ether website include the new Fiction section (on the left) which has an Ultima Timeline; an update to the whole right column of the website (with the addition of the Titans' projects, and updates to the 'Other Ultima Projects' and 'Ultima Links'); and the news till July 2005 has been archived. In his newspost, Corv also speaks of current development of the project.

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