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[S][W][R]Rebuilding the site

10th September 2004 by Dino

This will be the home of Dino's Ultima Page for a few weeks, so I am slowly rebuilding the whole site in this new design (most of it is already done but needs a bit of adapting). You can now access the "About Site" page, the Credits page, the Contact page and the Mount Drash Guide. All these pages are completely up to date now, with the exception of a few broken links which are inevitable due to the forced move to this server. One thing of note is the new FAQ - it's totally different from the one there used to be in the early days of Dino's Ultima Page, and answers some of those questions which I regularly find in my inbox or my forum.

Fawn screenshots from Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal have been released (9 screenshots). They have not yet been added to the Media page but are hanging in that directory.

Moriendor at UltimaDot has been posting news about Ultima Online client patches and strategy guides. If you're interested, check out the Ultima Online update centre.

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