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[W]La Legende - reconstruction in progress

10th September 2011 by Dino

Sergorn Dragon reports progress in the reconstruction of his site, La Legende d' Ultima. He is hard at work at rebuilding the site, and has restored the info pages. Although galleries, downloads, etc are still missing, he will be adding them in the coming weeks. Sergorn might be known among newer Ultima fans for his more recent efforts Return to the Serpent Isle and Ultima Adventures, but others know that his information site La Legende d' Ultima has been one of the main sources of Ultima information since its launch in 1998.

On the UDIC Facebook Group, Michael Metzger shared an Ultima map that he drew.

The CRPG Addict has been killing pretty much anything he could find in order to raise his party's experience levels before trying to brave Dungeon Doom. Unfortunately, by the time he reached level 7, his savegame got corrupted. Unless someone can give him a hand, he may have to start over.

Withstand the Fury Dragon has continued to upload material related to Ultima 4, 5 and 6 to Aiera, following their release on Good old Games a few days ago. Here's what's new:

Withstand the Fury Dragon also made a list of patches relevant to the Good Old Games releases, and Pix's Ultima Patcher has also been updated to cater for the latest releases.

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