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[W][R]New Ultima Fan Project: Ultima: Return to the Serpent Isle

10th December 2008 by Petrell

New Ultima Fan Project announced

Sergorn Dragon has announced that he's starting a new Ultima game project entitled "Ultima: Return to the Serpent Isle". It will be made using the Dungeon Siege engine and tools and systems Team Lazarus and Team Archon have been building over the years for their respective games and Project Britannia.

Project description from author:

I am currently planning on the realization of an new Ultima fan-made game entitled "Return to the Serpent Isle", which as you may guess involve the former Lands of Danger and Despair and is very much tied to one of the most beloved episode of the Ultima series: "Ultima VII Part Two - The Serpent Isle", which was released in 1993.

"Following the defeat of the Guardian, Britannia is finally at peace. Yet Shamino feels compelled to start an expedition toward the Serpent Isle, intend on finding out what have happened to his former land. As a member of his expedition you are about to set out on an adventure that will forever change your life..."

It aims to create a totally new adventure in the Ultima universe, with new - and some old - characters, a familiar yet different surrounding... and a philosophy that aims to be faithful to everything Ultima ever stood for, while at the time trying to modernize it - and thus giving the chance to every Ultima and CRPG fans to enjoy a new story in the Ultima universe.

Sergorn Dragon is now looking for other dedicated fans to help him in this task and join his newly formed "Team Serpent". Pretty much all the posts in the team are still open so if you're interested you should apply now. Bear in mind however that finishing this project is going to be a long and hard task and will most likely take several years to accomplish.

Project website at http://sergorn.jexiste.fr/ is still under constrution and should open sometimes in the early 2009.

For further info and discussion visit any of the forums Project was announced in: Ultima V:Lazarus, Ultima 6 Project/Project Britannia, Exult or Titans of Ether.

Alfie's Dev Diary

Alfie, a French worldbuilder in Team Archon, has posted new a dev diary about his work on The Ultima 6 Project dungeons. Diary contains 13 new screenshots from various dungeon he's been working on.

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