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[W][R]Lots of updates from Aiera and others

10th December 2009 by Mentis Dragon

Withstand the Fury Dragon has posted lots of updates on Aiera:

Direhaggis at the Titans of Ether has posted a November update with a brief description of what the team has been up to. And while a few people have joined since the call for help two months ago, the Titans still have need for more interior worldbuilders.

Ophidian Dragon has posted in his Blogging Ultima how he resolved his problems with running Ultima Underworld. (Clue: he found his hidden backup.) He also shares some thoughts on the spells available in the game.

And last but hopefully not least, I'm Mentis Dragon and I'll be helping Dino out with posting news to the site. After some years away from Ultima (shame, I know...) I'm back in the fold! You can expect me to pop up on forums as well. (Enough ranting, back to reporting news...)

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