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[W][R]Ultima 6 Project news

11th March 2008 by Petrell

At Project Britannia site, Zephyr posted some details about U6 Project team plans for next milestone release :

The U6 team is very much hard at work putting together their next release, which in terms of content will likely dwarf anything you have yet seen. No promises, but the intention is to get the entire overworld more or less completed, with most of it playable and accessible.

They're also looking for world builders :

There's a great deal of excitement surrounding this release throughout the team, but there's still a long way to go - and they're looking for help from anyone who has some experience with building challenging dungeons in the Dungeon Siege engine (DS1).

Nicodemus, one of the world builders of Ultima 6 Project, has posted a Worldbuilding Dev Diary, telling about his work while a he's been member of the team. The diary also contains 5 new screenshots of Paws and Skara Brae.

U6 Project team has also posted profile of team's new portrait and concept artist, Alex Gonzales, at project website. Be sure to grab the nice U6P wallpaper he kindly made available and also visit his online portfolio to see the other artwork he has created.

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