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[W]CRPG Book Final Preview

11th April 2017 by Dino

After two and a half years in the making, The CRPG Book Project has released its fifth and final 450-page preview [PDF] yesterday:

Felipe Pepe wrote: "This will be the last "alpha preview", as the book is very close to be completed. The big updates here are the computer history timeline, which is finally completed, and the addition of hyperlinks and .pdf bookmarks - perhaps our most requested feature.

"I've also added new articles on the history of JRPGs, difference between ports, cancelled RPGs and a FAQ to beginners. Plus dozens of new reviews - Dwarf Fortress, Mass Effect 3, Pillars of Eternity, Ultima VII, Wizardry VII, Planescape: Torment and many more..."

He also mentions that the CRPG Book Flickr account which he created last December has doubled in size since then and now holds over 18,000 game screenshots.

If you spend some time reading this book preview, don't miss my own review of Ravenloft: Stone Prophet.

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