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[S][W]Ultima game preservation

11th August 2004 by Dino

My Links page has been updated again. This time, I've worked on the Ultima Remake Sites, adding "Finished Games" and "Online Games" subsections. I've also added links to three more Ultima Engines.

By chance, today I came upon an article titled "Ultima game preservation". It is short, but it's a very good read, as it sums up all that Ultima is about: a unique game series, followed by a massive fan community including many who take the trouble of remaking the games.

This article also links to another article at GameSpot where Ultima 9 is judged as the "Most Disappointing Game of the Year". It pretty much sums up all that is bad about Ultima 9 (except of the statement that "it stays very true to the nature of the popular series"). Some of you might have already read it, but I guess others (like myself) have not. It's a funny coincidence that if you click on the link to Worst Game of the Year at the bottom, you'll find that it is also by EA.

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