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[W][R]Lazarus, Archon and Elemental cooperating on Dungeon Siege

12th January 2004 by Dino

The Lazarus, Archon (Ultima 6 Project) and Team Elemental websites have been updated to say that the latter two teams are cooperating with Lazarus. Furthermore, the Lazarus site has a link to a runic message which reads:

"Long have the people of Lazarus laboured upon a work which may bring them much fame. Known only by the words "Project Houston" for reasons which no man can name.

This work's end is now fast approaching, its time is, at last, close at hand. Prepare yourselves thus for its coming, when the Groundhog seeks shadow on land."

New dragons keep being added to the roster. The latest is Gossamer Dragon.

UltimaDot, apart from the update at the official Ultima X website, has pointed out an exclusive Ultima X screenshot at OGaming.

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