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[W][R]Killing Lithos early (and lots more news)

12th March 2011 by Dino

Moe Yasmine wrote to share a fun little trick in Ultima 8 that I haven't heard of before. He has found a way to kill Lithos early in the game:

Moe Yasmine writes: "I got to the necromancy stage and got the key of the caretaker and used open ground to enter the upper catacombs. From there I head immediately to stone cove and the hall of the mountain king after that without going to the necromancers. So I got the heart of the earth obviously using create golem and open ground to get it! Then i went for the mountain king with the purpose of using it on him at this VERY early stage of the game. Obviously when you first walk up to him you can't double click the heart of earth to kill him with it because he starts talking to you."

"So what i did was:

unfortunately lightning then hits you as though you're in the ethereal plane and the game freezes. My items would be open and the recall device doesn't work but unfortunately I'm not taken to the ethereal plane.

The Forgotten World team have released a new awesome screenshot showing off the work of newly recruited texture artist Viriathus. The other awesome screenshot that was released before it shows new textures for rocky mountains.

The Titans of Ether posted their progress report for January 2011.

A short February update for Return to the Serpent Isle has also been posted.

Wizardry Dragon at The Feudal Lands has made some improvements to the project website.

A new client for Ultima 6 Online has been made available to fix disappearing items and bugged swamp boots.

More recent news courtesy of Aiera:

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