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[W]Ultima Online: The Stygian Abyss

12th September 2009 by Dino

Natreg Dragon sent me a link to an unofficial map of the latest Ultima Online expansion.

Natreg Dragon writes: That's Termur, the Land of the Gargoyles. Check the lower right part of the map. It's just exactly as the underworld of Ultima VI, so in theory this is the official underworld where the gargoyles lived before the collapse. It even makes sense that it is positioned there.

Courtesy of Aiera's use of Twitter Tools are a couple of links to the homepage and an article about the same Ultima Online expansion that Natreg Dragon told me about - The Stygian Abyss.

Also courtesy of Aiera are the following links to recent articles about Richard Garriott and his space enterprise:

And again thanks to Aiera are videos from Warren Spector's game design classes and The Making Of: Deus Ex. Warren Spector was one of the main people behind games like Ultima Underworld 1 and 2, and Deus Ex. Being one of the best games I've ever played, the Deus Ex article is certainly worth a read.

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