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[W]CRPG Addict returns to Ultima V

12th September 2011 by Dino

The CPRG Addict, whose Ultima V savegame got corrupted a few days ago after having painfully earned a Level 7 Avatar, managed to get back in the game. He had a savegame from 1st September backed up, and hexedited his party to have the experience he had when his savegame got messed up. At that point, he only needed to replay the various quests (e.g. getting Lord British's artifacts). His latest post covers a number of things that he tried out since he had the chance.

In his comments for that post, CPRG Addict later said that he finished the game, and an endgame post is coming tomorrow.

In other news, Michael Metzger shared more of his Ultima fan art on the UDIC Facebook group.

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