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[W][R]Ashes still alive and well; nazghul ported to AmigaOS4

12th November 2006 by Petrell

ShadowMoses has posted an update on the status of Ashes: Two Worlds Collide stating that while the project has been dormant for a while due to commitments imposed by real life(tm), the project is very much alive; and to prove it he posted a progress report:

...I finished importing all the creatures, monsters, critters (or whatever you like to call them) into the game. In total there are over 40 variations from chickens to stone golems and some will include sub-classes such as -shamen , -ranger and -warrior.

On top of this the men of the Ashes world have been joined by women and we're not sure whether this is a direct result or not but some of the men have at the same time become fatter while others more muscular... and inevitably children have arrived too, both boys and girls. Family dynamics are finally starting to show!

NPC's are also much more skilled these days, they can for example operate a grindstone and sharpen their swords, cook in the kitchen, repair their houses, farm their lands and even go to church. NPC's aren't fully developed however. they still have much too learn.

ShadowMoses also states that while they can't show the stuff now due to project being between builds, he hopes to have something to show by christmas.

Hubert Maier has ported Nazghul to AmigaOS4 (PPC).

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