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13th January 2007 by Dino

Contrary to the activity level that has become the norm lately, there has been a good amount of news from Ultima websites over the past couple of weeks.

Ultima IV Multiplayer is changing web host, and warns that the forums are down and some links may not work.

The Ultima 6 Project has released some screenshots of the work of Riptzen, a worldbuilder on their team.

News from the Seven Towers website: there have been several fixes to the Black Gate Keyring mod.

A couple of updates from the Titans of Ether give a little idea about what's going on, as well as provide 4 new tunes to listen to.

The Dragon Press, silent for a long while, has been updated with some new content, namely Ovo's "Dead Ends" and the completion of Shadow of Light Dragon's "The Black Ankh".

A short update to the Pentagram page introduces Brian Tietz, the newest member of the Pentagram team, who improved pathfinding in Pentagram. Some fixes are also mentioned.

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