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[W][R]Game Development Insights

13th March 2010 by Dino

A March update has been posted to the Return to the Serpent Isle website. The full news article reveals that the game will be released one chapter at a time, in order to allow fans to play the game after a short period of time, and allowing frequent releases of playable material. The article also says that the first chapter will consist of the Isle of Beyond, which includes Moonshade.

The Titans of Ether have also posted an update, though for February. The update summarises what each team member has done last month.

La Legende d' Ultima's latest newspost puts the spotlight on an interview with Richard Garriott at Kotaku, in which the father of Ultima explains the motivation behind Portalarium. To summarise, he is targeting casual gamers through the web platform. Until recently I would have thought this is pretty dumb, but after having attended a conference on digital game development last week, featuring some great international speakers, he is probably right that this is the way forward (hard as it may be to digest). However, he also sees a possible future for bigger (MMO-style) games using Portalarium's platform.

Aiera's latest updates are about Return to the Serpent Isle's March update, Portalarium, and the fact that game development company Turbine, Inc. has several vacancies. This is the company behind several fantasy titles, and currently employs the man working on Classic Ultima Online (formerly Ultima 4 Multiplayer).

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