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[W][R]PB/U6P quick update; Project Britannia releases new beta tools; Ultima : Aiera site content restored

14th March 2007 by Petrell

Frilly Wumpus has posted a quick update in Project Britannia forums on how the project is progressing:

- The new areas planned for U6P Milestone 3 include Yew, Buc's Den, Spider Cave and possibly Paws
- Three new people have joined the team : Quentico (World Building and QA), WyrdWeb (Writing and QA) and KooK Dragon (QA)
There have been many improvements and enchantments to core Project Britannia systems including but not limited to :
- Enhancements to the conversation system to support some of the complex conversations in U6P
- Implemented "usecode" system that allows performing more complex actions inside conversations, banters, and dynamic right+click menus on items.
- A totally revamped banter system to allow building of complex banters reminiscent of some of the Bioware classics.
- Many, many tunings and bug fixes.

Frilly Wumpus also posted that new and improved beta tools and tutorials have been released and are available at Project Britannia Wiki.

Latest news entry by WtFD in Ultima: Aiera site informs that all site content from the old site have been fully restored. WtFD also mentions that he plans to restart work on Lost Sosaria.

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