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[W][R]Catching up a bit more

14th April 2006 by Dino

As usual, a lot of this news is thanks to Petrell (see the Ultima news topic).

To quote Johnny Wood, of Ultima 4 Multiplayer fame:

Ultima IV Multiplayer is back up and running an alpha test again. There is also an opportunity for people to put themselves into the game by providing dialog for characters that had identical dialogs.

See the Ultima 4 Multiplayer website for more information on how to play with the new test server. The website also has information on how to send, if you want to, dialogue for Ultima 4 Multiplayer to replace the redundant character dialogues (such as the several Joe's in Britain).

Ultima 6 Online was updated on 6th March. There are lots of new features, but some of the more interesting ones include automatic pickup of projectile weapons; monsters now drop blood, bodies and items; and 4 new custom houses have been added.

The following is all the Lazarus news I haven't mentioned since the January update:

Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon found an interesting article at Gamasutra about computer games in general. While the article doesn't concern Ultima directly, it does feature Ultima 4, as well as some former Ultima developers. Do you consider gaming a waste of time? Read the article to see what other people think about it.

Galadis, who made the Ultima 7: The Black Gate comic, is now working on one for Serpent Isle. Check out the first five pages at Fantasiart.

Joe Garrity, curator of the Origin Museum, has let us know (in the Ultima News topic) that there is a new story called "Electronic Arts Bestows Its Bounty" in the Stories section of the Origin Museum website. EA authorised loads of Origin material to be sent to the Origin Museum... read the story to learn more about it.

That's all for today... I hope I can continue catching up with news before next month.

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