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[S][W][R]U1 Map Viewer: First Release

14th April 2007 by Dino

Yesterday, in the Files section of my Ultima discussion area, I uploaded the first public release of my Ultima 1 tool (map viewer, for now). You can't do much other than roam around the map and save a computer-generated world map to disk. A sample map is also among the files, and I have also started a topic with instructions on how to use it. What I did not write there is that you will also need SDL.dll. You might also notice a few small bugs in the program, some of which have already been fixed (but the latest version is not online).

Meanwhile, Ophidian Dragon has fetched the Vortex Cube and traversed Hythloth. He is now in the Gargoyle Lands and will need to assist both humans and gargoyles to complete his quest.

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