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[S][W][R]More Lost Vale information

14th June 2006 by Dino

Don't thank me for today's news. Thank those who found the news over the internet.

An anonymous user posted in my forum the address of a site with more information about The Lost Vale. A lot of the information and images there are already available in my Guide to Ultima 8, but there is also new information provided by Sheri Graner Ray, who was working on The Lost Vale. I've added the new information to my Lost Vale page.

Petrell spotted more news from Ashes - the news is basically a thank-you for the comments and suggestions to everyone discussing Ashes, as well as a call for any 2D artists who may want to join the team.

On another note, I had my last exam today. I can now give more time to Dino's Ultima Page.

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