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[W][R]Ultima 4 Development Challenge

15th August 2010 by Dino

Aiera brings news of an Ultima 4 Development Challenge by Mythic Entertainment. This EA-owned game studio is responsible for a couple of pretty big titles, as well as being the present owner of the rights to Ultima. As it stands, Mythic are encouraging any possible port of Ultima 4 for the iPhone OS, and would support it by publishing it under the EA Mobile label in Apple's App Store.

This is a tremendously interesting opportunity for anyone involved in Ultima fan remakes to actually be part of an official Ultima title. There aren't really many details on Aiera's newspost about this. However, I would personally take this up if I had time and an iPhone available. Still, if anyone's interested, get in touch!

Some more news from Aiera: BritanniaMOD and Realms of Ultima have been restored. Also, Zenimax has purchased Arkane Studios, the company responsible for Arx Fatalis - which was made in the spirit of Ultima Underworld.

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