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[W][R]Origin treasures revealed

15th October 2010 by Dino

Following the efforts by the Origin Museum and Wing Commander CIC at archiving left-over material from Origin donated by Mythic, the fruit of their work has finally come to light. Aiera is now hosting several images provided by the Origin Museum from the Mythic collection. Among the treasures we may now admire are: Bob White plot dungeons, Ultima 8 animations, and high-resolution images of ingame artwork.

Sergorn's most recent Ultima Adventures have taken him to the world of Pagan, more specifically to the Hall of the Mountain King. As Withstand the Fury Dragon has noted, Sergorn's very recent playthrough of Serpent Isle has also been accompanied with information about the game's original design from Bill Armintrout, who was one of the top people on the original project.

The Titans of Ether have posted their September update, which includes a brief summary of what each team member has been up to this past month.

More news from Aiera:

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