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[W][R]Blackthorn joins Allysium??

16th February 2004 by Dino

The link to the Adventures of Blackthorn website seems to redirect to a website called The Road to Allysium. Taking a closer look at the news, it appears that Wind Walker from Adventures of Blackthorn has joined this project:

Welcome!! to the new Allysium site!! our First major announcement is that Prizm Entertainment (Team Blackthorn) has hopped on board with Mystical Productions to bring you a better Allysium!! and we are becoming chock full of custom content!! Have a look around and be sure to join the forums, we want to hear from you!!

It would seem that there will be no Adventures of Blackthorn, as Wind Walker is giving a hand with Allysium.

UltimaDot's only news is an Ultima X contest at MMOG Hell requiring participants to design a guild crest.

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