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News articles

[W][R]The History of Computer Role-Playing Games

16th April 2007 by Petrell

Dr. Matt Barton, an assistant professor of English at St. Cloud State in Minnesota, has researched CRPG history and has written a lengthy three part article (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) about CRPG evolution from early student programmed CRPGs of mainframe computers at the late 70's universities all the way to modern CRPGs of today. Must read for Ultima fans and CRPG enthusiastics or anyone interested in computer game history.

According to a post by Resle, Ashes engine development has slowed to a crawl due to real life circumstances. It's still too early for demo but he does plan to release more gameplay movies hopefully by the end of the month. He also lists features planned for next build.

The next build is going to feature:
- Finished, polished combat
- Finished, polished dialogues
- Reworked GUI (more practical, but arguably less nice to see - I.E.: no "live" paperdoll npc)
- Particle system
- beta magic
- beta fully scheduled NPCs
- beta menu

And thanks to Olly, lots of new graphics.

Ophidian Dragon has finished Ultima 6. He also wrote a walkthrough by which it may be possible to complete U6 without killing a single being. It's untested though.

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