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[W]More Codex News

16th April 2010 by Dino

Another update relating to the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

Tribun Dragon writes: We've recently (meaning yesterday) managed to complete the NPC section for Serpent Isle at the Codex, meaning that all of them now have their own article, complete with portrait.

Additionally we have some more news:

We now are in need for help.

While we can manage the NPCs for Ultima V and IX, Ultima Underworld I and especially Savage Empire and Martian Dreams are problematic. For the latter two games we're looking for people who can write articles about the NPCs and get their portraits, since I -the main writer- don't have these games available. We also need help with the items and locations found on Mars and Eodon alike.

A full collection of Ultima information has always been one of the primary aims of Dino's Ultima Page - something I've never been able to finish due to having limited time available. So if you're still active in the Ultima scene, do give Tribun Dragon and the other Dragons a hand in finishing this common objective!

At Aiera, Withstand the Fury Dragon posted about the demise of his wife's PC, and lists some possible alternatives for a replacement. If you have any advice to give in this regard, pay Aiera a visit and leave a helpful comment.

Speaking of demise, it appears that La Legende d' Ultima is currently down. Let's hope it's nothing serious.

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