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[W][R]Various updates

16th August 2006 by Petrell

According to Ultima 6 Online page next update is coming on August 19th.

Ultima IV Multiplayer developer Johnny Wood has been employed by Midway Games and had to move to Austin, Texas and thus have not had any time to dedicate to the project. Fortunately he should be again soon. In the meantime he has been able to enlist Steve Conley to help him in with the project and Steve has already managed to port both the server and the client to Linux and Solaris and is now working on scripting support and stronger database integration. They also plan on scripting all of the Ultima IV specific parts of the game so that the engine itself can be used to easily create early Ultima style mods.

Titans of Ether site is down once more due to technical difficulties. While waiting the site to come back you can still visit their forums.

According to Nazghul Devblog having fixed all reported bugs in project CVS, Gordon McNutt is now focusing on introducing number of new features into the engine. Currently they include character creation, text coloration, mini sprites in UI and NPC's as light sources.

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