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[W][R]Titans' First Anniversary

16th September 2005 by Dino

A sample of U6 Project artist Wenndelin's work has been added to the U6P website. Visit the Character Cards page for a beautiful portrait of Sherry the Mouse.

Updates about remakes courtesy of Aiera: EUO 1.1 has been released; work is being done on Project Britannia before it can be made available for download; and two news updates from Lost Sosaria are about attention to dialogue and a fried video card that may hinder the project a little bit.

Last week, the Titans of Ether requested some feedback about eating and drinking, and the magic system. What they didn't post on their website yet (and that Corv was kind enough to mail me about) is that tomorrow the Titans are one year old! Happy Birthday, Titans of Ether!

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