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[W]Through the Moongate Part II Kickstarter is Live

16th September 2019 by Dino

Last year, the first volume of Andrea Contato's Through the Moongate: the story of Richard Garriott, Origin Systems Inc. and Ultima shipped after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Today, the Kickstarter for Through the Moongate Part II is live, and already a third of the way to being funded at the time of writing this. This book continues where Part 1 left off, going from Wing Commander and Ultima 7 to Portalarium. That's got to be an interesting period to say the least, because it covers the creation of some of the best games in the Ultima series, as well as some of the worst; it includes EA's acquisition of Origin and the latter's eventual demise.

Among the rewards are 20 copies of Akalabeth for Vectrex, so if you're interested in this limited edition, act fast since around half of them are already gone.

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