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[W]Sheri Graner Ray on Serpent Isle and The Lost Vale

16th December 2009 by Dino

Natreg Dragon recently wrote to alert me to a couple of livejournal posts by Sheri Graner Ray, a former Origin employee who worked on The Lost Vale among other projects:

These posts contain interesting insights on what it was like to work at Origin, as well as some Ultima 7 trivia, info on the original plot of Serpent Isle, and some new tidbits on The Lost Vale. I will be updating the relevant info pages on Dino's Ultima Page with info from these posts.

Sheri Graner Ray has been in the computer gaming industry for 20 years now (and she's blogging about it), and has worked for many big names in the industry. She is currently a senior game designer with Schell Games. Among her achievements are the founding of Women in Games International, and the authoring of the book Gender Inclusive Game Design-Expanding the Market.

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