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[W][R][F]New Nitpicks, Dragon Press back

17th April 2004 by Dino

Hacki's Ultima Page has been updated! Therein you will find lots of new nitpicks, along with a theory on floating elevators in Ascension. Enjoy!

The Dragon Press has been down for a couple of weeks, but is now back up for your reading pleasure.

Vistaer Dragon at Redemption has seen fit to go over the site and fix whatever needed fixing, particularly those hardly-legible red links which so many people complained about; the site surely looks much nicer and user-friendly now. Furthermore, the media section has been added, and comes with some new music and fan art. And that's not all, as Redemption now has its own forum, hosted in its own server as opposed to the old one which was on the Wayward Avatar.

In addition to all this, there's more news for you to see at UltimaDot, which includes:

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