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[W][R]Pentagram; Exult patch

17th April 2005 by Dino

An update to the Pentagram website speaks of newly added audio, including in the intro and endgame. The process in the beginning that shows the intro and asks for the player's name has also been implemented. Combat has been improved so that the Avatar reacts properly when hit.

Aiera recently mentioned an update to Ultima 5 for Morrowind, where new screenshots and a list of development tools were added. The site has since been updated again, with an explanation and graphical examples of the final phase of Littoral added to the Landscape section.

A new Exult patch has been released, as Alun Bestor, author of the patch, posted in a topic at the Exult forum. The patch adds new quests and increased interactivity ("Milk cows! Churn butter! Grind wheat! And more!") so it will add some new fun to the good old Ultima 7 game.

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