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[W][R]U6P nearing M6; Aiera redesign; and other news

17th April 2009 by Dino

The most important (and recent, having been posted yesterday) news this month is that the Ultima 6 Project is looking for playtesters to help find bugs before the release of M6 scheduled for 30th April 2009. There are also a couple of new screenshots on the page.

Another important piece of news is that Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has resumed updating the website, and the website itself has been redesigned and reorganised.

Ophidian Dragon's blog has also been updated with a couple of posts. The first one (posted in March) outlines his remaining plans for the blog, while the second one (posted a few days ago) is a combined review for both Ultima Underworlds.

Finally, the Titans of Ether have posted a progress report (with job postings) for March and a media update (with new screenshots) for April.

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