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[W][R]Exult 1.6 Released

17th April 2020 by Dino

The Exult project, seemingly inactive, has today surprised the Ultima community with a new release!

Exult 1.6 has been released to celebrate Ultima VII's 28th birthday!

Almost ten years after the version 1.4.9rc1, 16 years after the last stable version (v1.2) and 28 years after the official release of Ultima VII - The Black Gate (16 April 1992), we are finally ready to release a new version. With many developers busy with their real life and most having moved on, it took us this long. We have been busy squashing more of the inexplicable crashes but these changes will force us to stop supporting some ancient operating systems.

That's why we decided to release one last version of Exult, Exult Studio and Exult's tools for the old OS' before moving on with development. For really old Windows operating systems (95/98/ME/NT/2000) we prepared a legacy download.

There is a whole list of new features, and another one of known issues, that you can check in the news post. Probably one of the most significant is that Exult is now using SDL2. And that there is paperdoll support for wearing diapers... I guess. :)

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