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[W][R]U5 back from E3; UltimarX 10 announced

17th May 2004 by Dino

I was checking a topic in the Exult forum and discovered a "new Ultima remake in the works", as the topic title reads. A band of er... developers have decided to follow the footsteps of Ultima IV: Elijah in the creation of the all-new UltimarX 10: The Legend of the Warriors False Gate Isle (go remember that). It's such an amazing project that I won't spoil more of the fun for you... just go there and see it for yourself.

Ian "Tiberius" Frazier, project lead at Ultima V: Lazarus, along with Matt "MasterMinoC" Regnier, are back from this year's Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3). The Lazarus website shows off a picture of Tiberius and MasterMinoC with Richard Garriott, and also explains what happened at the E3. Tiberius was busy showing off a second alpha demo there, which will be released to the public in two or three weeks' time.

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