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[S][W][R]Lazarus French coming very soon

17th September 2006 by Dino

The page dedicated to the Ultima 5 for TI Calculators has been updated to reflect some of the latest features of the remake.

It looks like The Red Mage, who had released a demo of Ultima 8 for Neverwinter Nights and later cancelled his project to give space to the Exile remake, has resumed his effort after Exile's demise. The project has its own website, which is currently empty, but if you check back later, there should be some new material. You can also check out the project's NWVault page, where a couple of files are already available. Note that I have updated this project's entry in my web directory.

As a followup to the last newspost's info about EA releasing Ultima 7 for the PSP, Gruck pointed out a blog entry that will probably kill all excitement. It's extremely likely that the PSP version of Ultima 7 will be the dismal SNES version.

La Legende d' Ultima has added a page dedicated to Ultima V: Lazarus, featuring a map of Britannia, a screenshot gallery, a downloads page (currently empty) and quite a bit of info. Also, in the news on La Legende d' Ultima, Sergorn notes that the French version of Lazarus should be available by the end of September.

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