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[W][R]November update

17th November 2007 by Dino

Tribun Dragon brings news from the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

"The Codex celebrates over 1000 articles right now, and has grown to the most complete eneclopeida for Ultima by now. We by now cover all of the aspects, but work is far from finished, as we plan to expand greatly on the NPCs and Magic Spells."

Forgotten World is now using the OGRE engine for its world editor, and has published a screenshot of Buccaneer's Den to show it in action.

Ultima VII Babylon is an Italian translation of Ultima VII - The Black Gate that was recently finished.

Project Britannia announces a major update to the Siege Tools.

At Seven Towers, the Exult Intrinsic Reference and the UCC Scripting tutorial have been updated.

Kultan, one of the Titans of Ether, has written a new dev diary. You will, of course, need an account in their forum to see it.

Nazghul/Haxima 0.6.0 have been released in source form. Old save games are not compatible with the new version.

Ophidian Dragon is still playing Serpent Isle and writing about it in Blogging Ultima. Most recently, he has visited the northern icelands.

The Ashes: Two Worlds Collide website somehow no longer seems to display news any more.

The rest is news from Aiera:

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