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[W][R]UXO beta?

17th December 2003 by Dino

Silverado posted a link in my forum to some kind of promotional notice about an Ultima X: Odyssey Beta Giveaway on MMORPG.com! From what I can understand, people with an MMORPG.com account and who live in the United States or Canada have a chance of winning the UXO beta in January.

Another brief notice has been posted to the Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue website, telling us to wait another day because the actual update is not ready yet.

Tuga Dragon is now the latest Dragon on the roster.

UltimaDot points out two updates from Ultima sites - one is about the Ultima 6 price list I added yesterday to Dino's Ultima Page, and the other points to the Ultima 6 Online website where there has been an update about server problems, what's going on behind the scene and the release scheduled to be in a few days.

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