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[W][R]U7 map, GOG news

17th December 2011 by Dino

Infinitron Dragon shared a link (at the UDIC Facebook Group) to an "Ultima 7 Google Map (beta)": an interactive map of the world of Ultima 7 (including dungeons) with placemarks at the interesting locations.

As Withstand the Fury Dragon wrote at Aiera, Good Old Games have launched their Holiday Sale. Almost all of their games (over 350 of them) are at half price, which includes all the Ultimas. Empire Earth (Gold Edition) was also completely free for a 24-hour period a few days ago.

At Forgotten World, Firstknight released Beautiful Britannia R3. Before that, though, Aiera already had some screenshots showing rock and cave textures from Beautiful Britannia.

There's a lot more news at Aiera, quite a bit of which revolves around Richard Garriott's latest adventures in the gaming industry. I don't have time to catch up with it as yet, so go there to read more!

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