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[W][R]Sword and Shield, La Legende and Iris2

18th January 2010 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has restored the old Sword and Shield forum that used to accompany the site. This forum has better anti-spam protection than its predecessor, and does not require users to register. Be sure to check it out often and participate, as I'm sure it will be a place of interesting Ultima discussion.

A stable release of Iris2 was released yesterday.

La Legende d' Ultima has been having more server trouble, first due to a bug with images, and then because of other server issues. Thus Sergorn is moving off ccweb and La Legende d' Ultima can be reached at http://sergorn.jexiste.fr/ until the ultimalegend.com is properly transferred to the new location.

Another interesting tidbit posted by Sergorn Dragon at La Legende d' Ultima is about a mysterious game for Nintendo DS called Ultima Reborn, which has apparently been cancelled. Sergorn happened upon the CV of one of the developers at RPGWatch, but was not able to learn more about it. Still, he argues, there may yet be light at the end of the tunnel for those who hope for EA to revisit Ultima.

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