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[S]U4 Interactive Dialogue and Transcripts

18th March 2014 by Dino

I have recently turned my reverse engineering attention to games other than Ultima 1. Thanks to the file format documentation at xu4 and at the Codex of Ultima Wisdom, I managed to extract all the dialogues for Ultima 4 (except for Lord British and Hawkwind, who I believe are special characters). I have added these to a new Ultima 4 Dialogue page, where you can either interactively converse with the NPCs as if you were in the game (e.g. talk to Iolo) or else view their individual transcripts.

These are some known issues:

You also need to have JavaScript enabled for the interactive conversations to work. Otherwise, enjoy! :)

Update: The first two issues have been addressed. You can now ask NPCs to join you, and a font almost identical to that used in-game is now being used.

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