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[S][W][R]Info and remake updates

18th August 2005 by Dino

I've added back most of the old information pages, including Ultima 9, both Underworlds, Serpent Isle and Martian Dreams. The only ones that are still missing are those for which I am developing a guide. Note that I haven't checked many of the links on these old info pages... so some may be broken. If you find any broken links, please report them to me.

On another note, the fact that I'm getting slower at updating and that I've lost a bit of interest in this site is evident in the fact that the third anniversary of Dino's Ultima Page passed (27th July) without me noticing it.

Looks like La Legende d' Ultima vanished from the web. Strange it had to disappear just now, when it got an English version.

The latest news at the Ultima 6 Project warns about the forums being down and a new member joining the team.

Kevin Fishburne added traffic reports to the website of his Ultima 5 for Morrowind mod.

News from Aiera: Lost Sosaria has passed its second birthday. Its website has been redesigned and some changes have been made to the team.

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